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Bringing up children involves lots of joint decisions. If you are separated, it's harder to make these decisions and plans as you go along.

'Splitting Up? Put Kids First' helps you to create a FREE Parenting Plan online and learn the skills you need to make it work for you both.

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What is a Parenting Plan?

Bringing up children involves lots of joint decisions. If you don't live together, it is harder to make these decisions as you go along. A Parenting Plan is a written or online agreement between parents. It helps you record how you will share the care of your child now and in the future. It can easily be changed and is not a legally binding agreement.

  • Agreeing on an approach

    Making a Parenting Plan is easier if you both agree on why it is a good idea and what you both want for your child. The first part of the Parenting Plan explains your approach to parenting and your general aims.

  • Using the Parenting Plan

    Your plan can be as simple or as detailed as you like. The simpler it is, the easier it is to stick to. It might include day-to-day arrangements, financial arrangements and decisions about the future. It’s a good place to store information like medical records and contact details. You probably won't look at it every day, but it is good to have it available to refer to.

  • Our arrangements

    This is the main part of the plan. It is usually divided up into sections such as childcare, communication, education, social activities and finance. You can add as many sections as you like and make it personal to your situation.

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They make it difficult to see my kids

It's hard to control my emotions

They change our plans too much

They criticise me in front of our kids

They call all the shots

They get angry about certain issues

We don't agree on what the kids need

I feel I'm the one doing all the work

I can't explain my views to them

I feel pushed out of my kids' lives

I feel they are making our kids upset

Things always turn into an argument