About Splitting Up? Put Kids First

Splitting Up? Put Kids First is a safe space online where separated parents can work out how they will support and care for their child. It is made up of two main parts.

The Parenting Plan

An online service that helps parents think about arrangements, share ideas and record decisions. Separated parents can work on their plans using a template or by create their own from scratch.  The service compares versions and highlights where they don’t match up. Parents can then make changes and click to agree or disagree. 

Communicating Better

Agreeing on the content of a plan and putting it into action in daily life can sometimes be tricky. 'Splitting Up? Put Kids First' also provides short videos and suggestions to help parents think about the most successful way to communicate, negotiate and solve problems. These are divided into three steps: Get Ready, Talk it out and Sort it out.

The online service has been created by OnePlusOne. OnePlusOne is a UK charity that creates resources to help parents and families.

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